Find the real reason of Syrian war here.

Occupy London&Occupy Wall Street

WHO OWNS ISIS/IS/ISIL/Daesh? (Genie Oil and Gas and Genel Energy – Rupert Murdoch, Nathan Rothschild, Jacob Rothschild, Dick Cheney and Tony Hayward)

Since 2011 we have been told repeatedly that Assad must go! This mantra has been echoing in the British Houses of Parliament and in the US congress for four years.

A failed colour revolution, an “Arab Spring,” with snipers shooting at both protesters and police to incite violence, did not succeed in overthrowing the duly elected Assad government in spite of Assad being painted as Hitler and a murderer of his own people in the Murdoch propaganda media.

‪#‎DontBombSyria‬ Campaign Begins As The Sun Brands Labour Candidates ‘Cowards’ Over Airstrikes


The aim of the overthrow of Assad is to create a Sunni caliphate incorporating Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia with a greater Israel extending from the Sinai across to the Euphrates river.
By the middle…

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