It’s worse than you think: the Rothschild clan wants to drag us into a war against Assad because they, or some of them, very probably the french ones, are in a business with the son of Erdogan, Bilal, for selling the ISIS oil. According to the website strategica 51, some of the tanks Putin destroyed belonged to the Erdogan’s family and this is really why Erdogan ordered to shoot the russian jet.


So, it’s even dirtier than we thought:

Erdogan’s son traffics ISIS oil and through Rothschild cleans it up in the “City” of Tel Aviv, while Erdogan “pious” daughter has set up a camp hospital at the border with Syria where she cures ISIS fighters.

France is going to war against Assad with that Scoundrel of Erdogan, who wants to eliminate the Kurds and is an islamist himself, probably because the Rothschild, Monsieur “Ouvrir les portes” , who’ s making business with Erdogan’s clan is the french one who in reality is an israeli citizen, Edouard. And Cameron? I’m afraid the english branch of the family doesn’t want to be out of the business and is using its influence to push the Britons to fight against Assad with Erdogan, and ISIS, too.

While in France Monsieur Valls, the fascinating french Prime Minister started opening his eyes and rebelling to Monsieur “Ouvrir les Portes” _ someone should tell him “de ta mere” – and saying we cannot take any more refugees, the socialists should also open the eyes about the impossibility of an alliance with Erdogan’s Turkey. In Britain the real Labour party is against the war because it would be an ambiguous mess in which Cameron cannot make clear who’s the enemy, Dennis Skinner stated :”You don’t even know who’s the enemy and who’s the ally stay out of there” and I’m afraid red Skinner is right.

Even Cameron realizes it, but the West cannot be allied with the Gulf States because they are not against ISIS, they are all against Assad and, if he interferes, against Putin, because Rothschild and the Erdogan’s clan have to use oil that does not belong to them, ISIS oil is probably syrian oil which means it belongs to Assad and the syrian people more than to Rothschild and Erdogan’s clan: they created ISIS to steal oil. ISIL is a sham. And Rothschild and Erdogan are thieves and terrorist’s oil smugglers. This is why the americans have been “bombing” ISIS since two years ago and ISIS was still around while Putin hit them really hard. And this is why in reality they want to stop Putin, eliminate Assad and take the oil, while we should let the refugees flood us. Stop this all. This is really why all the Rothschild owned press is against Assad: for money.

Original source:

27 NOVEMBER 2015


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